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Stress can impact on your risk of Injury. It is now clear from the research.

Newcastle is a town that has a wide array of runners, athletes and active people. We are now clearly seeing a increasing amount of evidence being published on the importance of sleep and stress. Podiatrists typically are very mechanical in their nature, as the foot and ankle has some complex biomechanics during walking and running. However, other factors should always be considered when addressing someone's pain. I joke with podiatrists that I graduated with still to this day, we should probably care more about someones sleep and stress levels then their foot type being flat or high.


Im going to post below some research studies and conclusions that highlight the importance of stress and why all podiatrists, especially in a town like Newcastle need to asking questions around it. It is an important factor.


Below is a proposed mechanics and nice graph detailing how stress may impact on injury risk.

  • Gouttebarge et al. - Professional footballers who had sustained one or more severe musculoskeletal injuries during their career were two to nearly four times more likely to report symptoms of common mental disorders than professional footballers who had not suffered from severe musculoskeletal injuries.


  • Wideen et al. - Results indicate an association between general stress and injuries. Overall, injured and substantially injured students reported higher stress scores than injury-free students.


  • Bumann et al. - Students with a higher pain intensity show a significantly higher probability to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress as well as lower self-compassion.

So.. how can we deal with stress and what resources are out there besides referring on to someone who understands psychological factors.

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